Invebi Industrie Vernici was founded in June 1969, and is located in Jerago con Orago in the province of Varese. The factory, laboratories and offices are located on a 30.000 sqm area, in a strategic distribution point (airports, highways, railways).

More than 40 years ago, the current owner Mr. Vittorio Buzzetti, having only his technical knowledge in the wood coating field, decided to found Invebi Industrie Vernici. The immediate success determined him to continuously invest in his company, not only economically but especially in technology and most important, in human resources.


At Invebi Vernici you can find a perfect synchrony between the job knowledge and human aptitude that leads to a team with only one final goal: to satisfy the customer.

Currently the team has about 30 employees and uses distribution agents to cover both national and international areas for the following Invebi products:




  • Indoor water-based finishes and base coats;
  • Solvent-based polyurethane finishes and base coats;
  • Outdoor wood protection products;
  • Nitrocellulose finishes and base coats;
  • Polyester varnishes;
  • Industrial varnishes;
  • Acrylic finishes and base coats;
  • Complete cycles for art frames;
  • Flooring products;
  • Wood stains;
  • Glass varnishes;
  • Plastic materials varnishes;
  • Special effects.



  • Furniture, chairs, doors and outside doors and windows;
  • Indoor furniture, turned parts and furniture accessories;
  • Wooden rods and frames;
  • Construction industry (industrial parquet-flooring);
  • Electronic industry components (pvc, abs, pva, polycarbonate and carbon fiber);
  • Iron industry;
  • Decorative glass objects;
  • Car furniture, steering wheel and wooden knobs;
  • Rattan and bamboo furniture and objects;


Invebi Industrie Vernici has a raw materials testing center, where all raw materials are tested to ensure a high quality standard. Every product of any nature is subject to quality control regarding physical characteristics, reproducible technical data, practical application and counter samples storage (up to six months from date of production). The laboratories cover a 500 sq. area including a test center fully equipped with varnish application systems. The modern research devices allow the verification of every industrial cycle. Invebi Vernici looks to the future in a constant search for technological improvements and updates based on the market demands and current regulations, taking into consideration the health and environment protection. The research laboratory is actively engaged in a continuous research and improvement of water-based products which undoubtedly represents the future of the market. Working in a perfect synchrony, the team, from workman to executive, has a common goal of satisfying the customers by guaranteeing, both in Italy and abroad, only products fully corresponding to the well-known Italian technology in compliance with standards and environment. This is the well-known Invebi Service that only our company can provide thanks to its structure which, although it belongs to SMEs (small and medium size enterprises) with a fully respected organization, maintains the necessary human values requested and appreciated by its customers.


To provide a more comprehensive service, the company uses a Colorimetric System (color RAL – NCS) based on a specific colorimetric software specially developed, versatile and reliable, which offers a color range up to 2500 shades, made with extremely stable and weather-resistant pigments, both indoors and outdoors.

As for the products offered, they are produced by INVEBI VERNICI with great attention and taking into consideration the environment protection, by highlighting the increased use of the indoor and outdoor water-based products, for which the company is fully committed to invest resources regarding research and development, without neglecting a complete solvent-based product range.